Should I have another cool sculpting treatment to the same area ONE month after the first treatment?

Why so soon after the first treatment since it takes months for the old dead cells to be eliminated? Is this recommended?

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Wait Times Between CoolSculpting Treatments

Zeltiq, the company behind CoolSculpting, recommends waiting at least one month in between treatments. But just because that is the minimum recommended wait time does not mean that it's the recommended interval. Many doctors prefer to wait at least two months so that they can better assess the full effects of the first treatment and better tailor the second session to achieve the best result. In this respect, having patience can be an asset. While most patients opt for a second session to attain a complete transformation, you might find that you're happy with the result of just one treatment and further sessions are unnecessary.

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Cool sculpting treatment to the same area ONE month after the first treatment

The clinical study and FDA approval indicates that a second treatment can be done 30 days after the first. It is not a requirement. Patients tend to want that second treatment as soon as possible so they can achieve their full transformation as soon as possible.

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No harm in waiting between treatments

Unless you're in a hurry, I don't think there's any harm in waiting.  I have had patients that I thought were going to require a second treatment when I saw them at two months, and when I saw them again at four months, it was resolved.  See examples of second treatments on the web link below.

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Coolsculpting and Time Between Treatments

Four years ago when we started doing Coolsculpting the recommendation by the company was to wait four months to see the full results.  Now that the company has gained experience they recommend an area that would need more than one treatment can be re-treated one month after the first treatment.  Instead of a 25% reduction in that area, you will be pleased to know that you will have a 40% reduction in the treated area for a second treatment.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in Coolsculpting for the best results.

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It takes about two months to see results is a treated area so to treat the same area, you should wait at least two to three months. 
Obviously, if you are treating multiple areas, those can be done on the same day or in two days..

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Coolsculpting: Multiple Treatments in One Area

Coolsculpting uses what is referred to as cryolipolysis to treat stubborn localized areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. While you can treat this quickly after the first treatment, the effects of the procedure take at least 3 or more months to reach the final result. So most patients would wait and evaluate their response after the first treatment. At the same time there does not appear to be any known risk with performing another treatment in the same area one month later. Best option is to speak with your doctor and let him/her evaluate how you are healing and responding to the treatment. Good luck.

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Should I have another coolsculpting treatment to the same area one month after the first treatment?

Coolsculpting is a novel treatment that induces programmed cell death by freezing fat cells. If the plan you and your doctor decided on was for multiple treatments to the same site, one month is the waiting period before the second treatment. This time period is based on studies by the company. 

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CoolSculpting Treatment Time Line

That is a great question to ask and I have many patients ask questions that are similar. The most common way to administer CoolSculpting treatments is to do one treatment, one area for one hour at a time, 4-6 weeks apart. Many practices are currently doing a treatment called "stacking". This means that instead of treating one area for one hour at a time, the provider treats one area or an overlapping area (for example the love handles) 2 times, 2 hours in a row or once a week for two consecutive weeks for a total amount of time being between 2-4 hours per area. Once a fat cell has undergone cryoliposis, which is the way CoolSculpt works, the fat cell will not be cyroliposed again. Therefore there is more room to attack additional fat cells. In other words, once a fat cell is "dead", it cannot be destroyed again. So doing CoolSculpt treatments in a shortened time frame allows more fat cells to be destroyed so that the body will detoxify the cryoliposed cells. There is recent evidence that it seems that in the right patient, stacking does work but this is a more aggressive, newer approach and it is best to always speak with your physician regarding stacking treatments.

Economically, it may make more sense to do one or several areas for one hour at a time and wait 1-3 months to see results and then decide if you would like to get additional treatments. However, in many facilities patients are getting the best results by treating one area 2 hours in a row, or the same area once a week for 2-3 consecutive weeks (depending on the individual). Doing one treatment for one area, one treatment at a time can take an extremely long time (6 months or more) to see results. By stacking the treatments or doing weekly treatments for several weeks in a row allows the patient to see faster and more dramatic results.

Each practice is different and every patient is different. Always do what you feel most comfortable doing and listen to your physician.

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Should I have another cool sculpting treatment to the same area ONE month after the first treatment?

The amount of time you leave between your Coolsculpting treatments depends on you and your goals. The minimum time recommended is a month but you can definitely space out the treatments more than that. 

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Timing of second CoolSculpting treatment

The timing of a second CoolSculpting treatment to the same area is variable.  My personal preference is to wait at least two months between treatments, but I have done them as soon as a month apart in some people.  There is absolutely no harm in waiting a longer period of time if that is better for you.  Different physicians will have varying opinions of when they prefer to perform a second treatment.  

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