My retainer is causing my other teeth to ache

When they were taking the mold for my implant that was done on my bottom tooth they loosened my front tooth crown and told me that the root was cracked and their wasn;t enough to replace it and I needed another implant they fitted with the invalign retainer and have had it adjusted but now several of my other teeth are aching I have tried taking it out at night but this isn't helping I am worried it is causing stress on my other front tooth

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Thank you for your question. When they were taking the mold of your teeth for the implant, it would be difficult for the mold to damage any of your teeth unless your teeth are already week or broken. Think of the mold as a test in checking the rest of your teeth's health. The one that broke, was having problems and it is good that it was identified as an issue and could now be treated. Retainers are made to hold your teeth in place. If you're having active Invisalign treatment, then you should just continue the aligners given. If your Invisalign treatment is complete, then the retainer should be used as recommended to hold your teeth in place. If you're feeling discomfort in any way, please seek the advise of your dentist so he/she can resolve the issue of pain or further movement of the teeth. Good luck!

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Retainer Issue

Your retainer should not cause your teeth to ache unless you haven't worn it for a while and your teeth have shifted. If this is a new retainer, there may have been some distortion during its fabrication. It's very difficult to adjust it properly. You should have a new one made.

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