Which lip lift to get rid of the space between my nose & upper lip while minimizing the visibility of my upper gum line? (Photo)

When I currently smile, my lip sometimes comes too far up above my gum line as it is. I have always hated the long space between my nose and upper lift and equally hate my gummy smile.

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Lip lift with gummy smile

This is a fantastic and commonly asked question! A lip lift can be customized for your mouth so that the proper amount of upturn is provided without actually raising the lower border of the lip.  This would shorten the distance between your nose and lip and give you the appearance of a fuller lip without worsening the gummy smile.  In addition, you can reduce the amount of gumline that shows when you smile by targeting the responsible muscles with Botox (right next to your nose). This is an effective and minimally invasive option to get you started. Good luck!

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