I had 375cc under muscle saline breast implants 20 yrs ago. I had them replaced with 650. Would it lead to complications?

I'm 5' 4" tall 115 lbs, no children. My 1st implants were great for 20 yrs no problems except some rippling and I lost a cup size due to weight gain and loss. I was up to 145 and down to 90 lbs. 375 cc gave me a c cup originally, but then I measured a b was not saggy I just lost the fullness I once had. I read that going into the 600's leads to complications but really I think I I went to dr. Eisenberg for both ba...my first and second. Can you give me some input.i don't feel they are huge but I just had them done 9 hrs ago

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Bigger implants can cause more problems, but not always.

Although certainly this is not the case for every woman, it’s true that most of the time larger implants can cause more problems. A lot of this is just due to physics. Larger implants are heavier, therefore they sag faster, are more likely to bottom out and can require a lift sooner. However, none of these statements are absolute, because they depend on your unique anatomy. For example, a very thin-skinned woman without much natural breast tissue is likely to see more problems with larger implants, while a woman with larger natural breasts and a bigger frame may not have the same concerns. If your plastic surgeon felt these implants would work with your anatomy and you’re happy with your new size, those are the main priorities.

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600 cc implants

Bigger implants mean heavier implants, and these can certainly cause more problems in the long run with sagging as one issue.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Surgery 9 hours ago?

I would hope you did sizing or somehow visualized what you would look like with your increase in size.  And that you reviewed the potential risks of using implants of that size before having the procedure.  I personally believe that life is about living and if that size was going to make you very happy, then go for it.  If it does create tissue issues down the road, deal with it then with appropriately selected procedures. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Remove and replace submuscular saline implants with volume increase and risks

Up-sizing -volume increase with implant replacement is usually a very easy and excellent improvement in the shape, feel and aesthetics of your breasts. The properly selected implant should yield excellent results. In the individual with thin lax tissues, larger implant volumes/weights can stress tissues, and with these some of the inherent palpability characteristics of saline implants (scalloping of the radial outer shell) may be more likely. 

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I had 375cc under muscle saline breast implants 20 yrs ago. I had them replaced with 650. Would it lead to complications?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation revisionary surgery; I would suggest, given that you are fresh out of surgery, that you concentrate on your recovery. It may give you some peace of mind that the use of a 650 cc breast implant will not necessarily “lead to complications”.  Assuming, that the breast implants are “fitted” appropriately to a patient's anatomical dimensions, many patients do very well with this size ( and even larger) breast implants in the short and long-term. Of course, your own plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to more specific answers and/or reassurance. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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