How long realistically can you expect fluctuating vision/blurriness after LASIK surgery? Dislodging the flap day 8 possible?

I had the procedure done November 17. At the 1 day post op exam I was seeing better than 20/20. The second day I woke up and my left eye was a little blurry but better as the day went on. 3rd day the right eye did the same thing. 5 day post op exam was still seeing great. Day 8 after surgery my left eye became a little blurry again and I did wake up to myself rubbing it but immediately stopped. It's now day 9 and the left eye is still off/ blurry. Did I possibly dislodge the flap?

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Blurry Vision after LASIK

Blurred vision after LASIK is likely to be due to dryness but could be due to a dislodged flap.  After healing, the flap is much less likely to be dislodged unless there is significant trauma (snowboarding, water skiing, etc). I recommend following up with your surgeon to get to the root cause of your blurry and fluctuating vision. 

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