One of my teeth that had a filling put in it as a kid is starting to decay. Can it be repaired? (Photos)

My left side bottom molar had a filling put in it as a kid and its starting to decay around the filling. It dosent hurt but im curious if it can be fixed. Last time i went to the dentist not only did it hurt like hell to get the filling put in but my dentist was also a huge ass hole. I was a kid and he kept saying stuff like "this is going to hurt you more then it hurts me" and laughing. When he knew i was scared. So ever sense then ive been terrified of going to the dentist.

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Can My Filling that now has decay be fixed?

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Hi Robby from Chapel Hill, Florida!  Yes it can be repaired. I first want to say that I am so, so sorry that your experience  with the dentist was truly deplorable!  You will remember that forever!  Please do not judge all dentists by that one need to go to a dentist and have this taken care of before you have pain and possibly need a root canal. I looked up dentists in Chapel Hill, Florida for you that seem like you would be in good hands.  !.  Dr. Lee Daniels 813-907-7313 and 2.. Dr. Michael Green 813-973-1440. Call their offices and ask for a complimentary consultation regarding a filling you need to have replaced because of decay.  You can ask if they offer oral sedation our use the dental vibe which is a great tool !  Also tell them about your dental anxiety upfront.  Hope this helps and please see a dentist before it becomes painful!

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Decayed Teeth

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I understand your reluctance to subject yourself to an uncaring provider. That said -dont let that bad experience keep you from fixing cavities when they are small to waiting till the decay is much worse and the treatment much more challenging and expensive.Seek out a caring dentist--most of us are--talk to friends and family and do an online search and look at reviews--this will steer you in the right direction--see a dentist asap. Good luck

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