Weird Feeling in my Breast Implant?

I have had my salen brest implants for 5 years now I have a 2 year old so there a lot moor softer and I can't tell if my right implant is leaking but i can feel it moving around moor and wen I lay on my back it fillls fine if I lay on my tummy it starts to hurt and I feel like a pinching feeling

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Breast changes with time and pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, regardless of whether or not she has implants, the changes to the breasts are unpredictable.  The shrinking (involution) of the breasts after breast feeding is over can cause you to feel the underlying implants more, or feel them differently.  If you actually had a leak of a saline implant, you would notice the size go down.  This can happen quickly, or very slowly if the leak is just a tiny pinhole.  You should go back to your plastic surgeon to evaluate you and your implants.

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Changes in saline implants with pregnancy and time

changes in saline implants with pregnancy and time

  • you can have a slow leak
  • slow leaks are not that common
  • they become obvious quikly
  • changes in the breast can be related to pregnance
  • you can get an ultrasound

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Unusual breast sensation five years after implants

Certainly changes occur with implants and the breast shape after ahving children. You probably should see your surgeon first to be properly evaluated.

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5 years after surgery and having a child can change your breasts and possible your skin is thinner now too. It is normal to have all that happen with what you mentioned. If you’re worried about a leak you should see a PS to determine that.


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