What Went Wrong with my Rhinoplasty? (photo)

i had surgery 8 weeks ago and my nose is now wider and very stranger looking. why is this? please help. note: I could not get my hands on the surgeons pictures. however all pictures posted were from the same distance away.

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Nose Wider 8 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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    The appearance of your nose at 8 weeks depending upon maneuvers employed and whether this was open or closed rhinoplasty can be markedly different from your final outcome.  The tip should be much smaller in time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Need time to see the final result from a rhinoplasty

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You are still very early in the healing process at 8 weeks post rhinoplasty.  Give it more time and it is more likely than not that the size of your nose will gradually decrease in size over the first 4 - 6 months.  

Difficult to know: Rhinoplasty results are not static

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I think these photographs are difficult to interpret.  I am sure, however, that you do not like the results of your rhinoplasty at this point.  It is early after your operation and a fair amount of retraction of your nose will occur so it will shrink some.  Please check in with your surgeon and get their thoughts.

rhinoplasty only 2 months postop

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 The  pictures presented show the nose still appears swollen. Close up views of the pre-op and post-op photos with high definition photography would be required from all 5 positions (front, both laterals, both three-quarter views and a base  view) would be needed to make any determinations.  The pictures would  be taken one year after the surgery to ensure that full healing has taken place. Expect some hard and woodiness sensation in the tip for the next couple of months

Try to not worry two months after rhinoplasty

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We can't say things have gone wrong two months after a rhinoplasty, as there can be considerable stiffness and scar which will soften and thin out, especially over the tip which no doubt still feels hard or firm.

How long does it take to heal following rhinoplasty?

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In looking at your photos, it does appear that you still have swelling in your tip and, to a lesser degree, the bridge of your nose. This is totally normal at 2 months following a rhinoplasty. It can take 3-6 months for the majority of the swelling to resolve and up to a year for complete healing after nasal surgery. It is easier said than done, but patience is the key to healing following a rhinoplasty. Try not to worry at this point. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Concern at 2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty

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Hi Shelly,

The photos are difficult to interpret, since they are from a distance and there are no pre-operative views to compare. However, you should not be overly concerned at 2 months, especially if the nose is symmetrical.

Width is relative to height and the more you take a bump down, the more width is seen. Since most rhinoplasties are reductive in nature, this is a common concern. However, over time the narrowing of your nose that was done during the surgery starts to be noticed.

Right now, there is swelling in the skin and the bones. There is also extra skin that is shrinking down. All those issues add to the nose looking wider.

If you give it more time, there will be a noticeable difference. If you nose is 20-30% wider than what you wanted, it will go down that much in the next 6-9 months.

Be patient and best of luck.

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