What Exactly Went Wrong with my Implant for my Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I wanted to ask another question. I am aware that the indent shown in my nose is because of my implant. 6 months after I got my surgery, I got a facial. The lady was very harsh with my nose and I am scared that that made my implant move. I went to my doctor today and he told me to push down on my implant every night for 30 seconds for a month and if there is no change he would inject a filler in my dent. I REALLY don't want to resort to a revision surgery. Thank you.

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Rhinoplasty revision

I am not sure the implant has shifted out of position. The best person to give that opinion is the surgeon who placed it. There is also the possibility that your tissue is thin so the edges of the implant became visible as the swelling from surgery went away. The best treatment for that is either shaving down the edges of the implant or adding injectable filler or dermal matrix to cover those edges. If that is the case my personal preference is to just shave down the edges so they are paper thin. I had a patient with that problem years ago and that solution solved the problem. Usually the best person to reshape an implant is the one who placed it.  Pushing down on the implant or massaging the nose will not change anything.

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Revision of Rhinoplasty with Implant

I would recommend that your implant be changed and repositioned. There is no harm in pushing on the implant as your surgeon suggested, but I'm not confident this will be successful. The only other alternative is fillers which will not be as exact and most are not permanent.

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What Exactly Went Wrong with my Implant for my Rhinoplasty?

 You probably should follow the advice of the Rhinoplasty Surgeon that placed the nasal implant.  IMHO, the implant appears to be shifted and it may be due to the incident that you mention.  IMO, manipulation won't shift the implant this far post Rhinoplasty and could cause your nasal tissue to reject the implant.  Aside form fillers, Revision Rhinoplasty, to move or replace the implant, is the only other option.

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Your implant has shifted and this is not due to the facial

You will need to have revision surgery if you are not happy with the result.Fillers can give you temporary improvement. The options for the revision is dermal graft, alloderm, medpor or fascia graft.

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Prosthetic Implant for Nasal Dorsum - Problems

Nasal dorsal implants are poorly tolerated.  Because they never get incorporated into the soft tissues, they have a tendency to thin the overlying skin of the nose from internal pressure.  You will benefit from a cartilage graft placed instead.   I would suggest a diced cartlage graft, called a "Turkish Delight", named after Dr Erol, a Turkish plastic surgeon.  See the liknk attached.  Best of Luck!


Dr Del Vecchio


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Poor Implant Selection and Placement


As mentioned before, it appears that the implant was not placed right and shows through the skin. It also does not appear to be a custom implant designed for your nose. I don't think that an injectable filler will fix your problem. In fact, they may add scar tissue and make a revision more difficult. Your answer is to have that implant removed and a custom carved implant placed in the right plane.



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