I Went to my 3 Wk Post Op Today for my Tummy Tuck and They Were Going to Remove the Drain but It is Stuck?

They tried to pull it 4 times and it is stuck. They said it has never happened before and they don't know why. I have to go in tomorrow and they want to numb it and make a small insicions were the end of the drain is. Them pulling it was one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life. Way worse then child birth. It feels like it was sewn in and they were trying to pull it out and it was ripping my muscle. Any idea of what this might be? Im scared but I know I have to get this drain out.

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Why Is My Drain Stuck After A Tummy Tuck?

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I am truly sorry you are going through this.  Unfortunately, sooner or later, if a surgeon does enough tummy tucks, this may happen, and unfortunately this was you that it happened to.  99.9% of the time, the drain got caught in a stitch some place along your suture line.  The good news is it should be a very simple procedure to remove it.  A little xylocaine, a couple of minutes, and it's out.  I am sure the pulling on your drain that occurred at 3 weeks did not rip any muscles.  It just hurt. 

Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  I am sure he or she is very embarrassed and give him or her a break.  It wasn't done intentionally.

Stuck drain

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May I ask, who is they?  Were you seen by the doctor or a staff member?  If the drain is caught in a stitch, then the doctor needs to open the stitch in order to remove the drain.  I am sorry that you are having this problem but a plan of action should have been put into place to address this for you.  You should discuss what occurred with your plastic surgeon if you have not already done so.  Best wishes.

Drain Stuck after Tummy Tuck?

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Sorry that you are experiencing this setback; you should have peace of mind, however that the drain should be removed easily with a minor office procedure. Usually, the drain is caught in a stitch used to close the incision line. Once this stitch is cut the drain is removed without difficulty or any untoward effects.

Best wishes.

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