I went to have my silicone breast implants replace the nipples are uneven and the implants are pleated?

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Revision breast implant surgery needs detailed plan

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Your question unfortunately does not give enough information for an answer. Pleating can be either skin gathering around a Benelli breast lift, in which case it gets better with time, or rippling of the implant. That would require a more elaborate procedure possibly using Strattice. Adjusting nipple position would be some version of a breast lift most likely.

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Breast Implant Revision

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Without seeing any photographs and having a more detailed history of your procedure, it is impossible to say what may be the best option for you in regards to a revision.  I would consult with a local board certified plastic surgeon and see what their thought are.  I hope this helps.

Nipples are uneven and the implants are pleated

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I wish I could answer your question, but a doctor needs more of a history and needs to see you and examine your breasts to know what to tell you. Schedule an appointment with an experienced plastic surgeon. Or ask your surgeon what the problem is.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Augment revision

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Photographs would be helpful but I assume that you had a circumareolar procedure, unless there was an existing asymmetry which was exascerbated by the enlargement of your breasts.  In terms of "pleating" or folding of the implants, this is more common if they are placed above the muscle in a thin-skinned patient but, again, without photos, I am simply conjecturing as to what you are attempting to describe.  You may be a candidate for revision perhaps with differential expansion or use of implants of slightly different sizes. Happy holidays! Dr K

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