Went to my First Plastic Surgery Consult Today and Was Told there Weren't Options for My Arms and Thighs, Thoughts? (photo)

1st PS consult today-the doc told me that there isn't anything that he can do or would recommend to improve the look of my thighs/arms? me-33 yrs, female, Highest wt-250, current weight-160, thigh- 23 in, arm - 12 in. I have sagging skin on the arms, stomach, and thighs. I went in asking about an arm lift and LBL / body contouring. He said the skin on my arms is in excellent condition & the scar would be worse than the sagging. Re:thighs - he said they can't be pulled smooth? Thoughts?

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Recommendations for arm and thigh lift

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Without a full physical exam it is hard to give you advised that is solid.  However in general, if your skin is good, then liposuction may be an option which avoids a scar.  If you are not happy with the consultation or the advice that you received then you should seek a second consultation.  In the end, you don't want to have surgery or incurred a large expense until you are both comfortable with the plastic surgeon and confident in the treatment plan.  Make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified.

Options after weight loss

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Unfortunately, I can't make any suggestions based on your photos (especially since one photo is not appearing completely).   If one PS said the quality of your skin is good in your arms, then perhaps you do not need an arm lift.   If the fullness in your arms is of concern, then perhaps you may benefit from just liposuctioning of your arms.   But again, no one can give you recommendations without a formal exam. I would visit another PS in your area to learn more about your options.  Best of luck

Weight loss and surgery

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An in office consultation would be essential to get an accurate assessment of your issues.  The surgeries often available usually incorporate excison of loose skin.  Rippling of the skin is not usually improved by these techniques.

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