Lipoma removal. Is it swollen, or did he not take it out? (Photo)

Hello I got lipoma removal surgery 8 days ago and it went pretty easy. I wasn't in any pain just stiff neck and irritation. Since the surgery I have been looking at the sight and I have been feeling really disappointed because it looks like it was never removed. I am trying to convince myself that it is swollen but I would have thought the swelling would have went down significantly by now. I would love to hear your thoughts? If it is still in there is this common?

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Recovery after lipoma removal

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It is likely that there still is some swelling present a week after removal of a lipoma.  It may take a month or so for you to get a better idea of your final results.  Without examining you, it is difficult to tell what might be causing the swelling.  Fluid can sometimes collect in the area, which can cause swelling.  Sometimes, this needs to be aspirated to improve the condition.  I would recommend contacting your surgeon to discuss your concern.  

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