Horrible issues after invisalign, can I ask for refund?

I finished all trays but got severe bite problem. None of my upper premolar teeth fit with the lower ones. Orthodontist asked me to pull all the wisdom teeth to fix it. But I don't trust him any more, since he suggested to keep wisdom teeth in the original plan. I also had nerve damage for one tooth, which needs root canal. I feel so bad for the treatment, and I want to find another orthodontist and rework with regular braces. Am I possible to ask for some refund for this case?

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It would be nice to see photographs of your case. Do you have any to post? Wisdom teeth can easily cause bite interferences, so I do not feel it is unreasonable for your orthodontist to suggest wisdom teeth removal. Most people do not have room for wisdom teeth anyway, and it would probably be better for your hygiene to have them removed. In addition, once an Invisalign patient ends 20 hour a day aligner wear and begins wearing retainers, the bite in the premolar area usually settles in just fine. Please relax a little bit, and have a discussion with your orthodontist. I feel like you can trust their judgment. 
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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