13 Year Old Broke Nose Falling From Tree - Tonsil Removal?

Well I broke my nose by a tree falling on it am 13 years old( dont ask )and fractured it in a few places and something else... But after the swelling went down they re-aligned my nose and took out my tonsils because I get strep to much and my tonsils were filled with puss.So they put a splint on my nose and 5 days later it accidently came off when I was sleeping, and so i looked at my nose and realized that it still looked crooked. i WANT TO KNOW ALSO WHY MY TONSILS HAD A LOT OF puss,please help

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Broken Nose and Tonsillectomy

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Within a span of about two weeks, a broken nose can be reset so that it is more in the midline. However, sometimes the bones do not move all the way to the midline and a later surgery can be done to correct this.  But 5 days after surgery, there is still too much swelling to be able to accurately see the final result.  To answer your other question, many surgeons want to save patients the expense and risk of multiple general anesthesia and combine all needed surgeries into one time period.  You must have fit the criteria of multiple infections as a reason for your tonsillectomy and it sounds as if they were infected when they were removed.  

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