What Happens When Browlift and Facelift Start to Sag Again?

I'm considering a brow and facelift. How long will the results last. Do people look a little strange as the face starts to fall again as the years go by...I'm mean, do things fall in a weird way because of the previous surgeries?

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When browlift and facelift begin to sag

A brow lift is typically a one-time procedure and does not need to be repeated because the brows become fixed to the frontalis bone.  A facelift will probably need to be repeated 10-15 years after the original procedure.  However, if it is performed correctly, the facial aging process will occur naturally and the facial features should not appear weird in any way because of the previous procedure.  

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How long does a brow facelift last

there are many factors that influence how long those procedures last, among them is genetics, age, activity level, weight fluctuations and others. On average I would say that a brow lift should last longer than a Facelift and in most cases the Facelift should last 7-10 years. In some cases, after a Facelift is done, a person can see some wrinkles forming in an unnatural fashion due to the direction of pull placed on the skin during the Facelift, but since this was seen years ago, the new Facelift techniques seem to have that be less of an issue.

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How the face ages after surgery

If the brow lift and face lift are done correctly and in a natural and harmonious way then they should age naturally over time.  Fat grafting helps make the results of the brow and face lift even more natural.

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Longevity of Browlifts and Facelifts

The longevity of a browlift or facelift usually depends mainly on what type of browlift or facelift procedure was performed. If one does the multiple layer “Lift & Fill facelift” that I perform it can last over a decade and the brows can last 10-15 years as well. The goal of any type of facial rejuvenation is to give a natural, youthful lift that does not looked operated on or windswept and is long lasting.

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When do a Facelift and Browlift Begin to Sag?

An full facelft will begin to sag about 10 years after surgery. A browlift will last much longer - I have 15-18 year results that still look good. The duration of improvement will depend on what was done during the original surgery. Unfortunately, we continue to age after rejuvenation surgery, but the "tuck" is rarely as extensive as the original procedure.

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Longevity of Aging Surgery

This is a common question patients ask.  Yes, you do continue to age after the procedures but  factors such as smoking, sun exposure, skin care, and your genetic plan of aging will largely determine how you age.  You will always look better then if you hadn't had the procedures.  Enjoy your results, be confident and follow your providers plan.  Good luck!

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A brow and face lift last forever: you will always look better than you would have had you not had (even as it sags again)

The easy answer to this question is that a brow and face lift last forever.  What this means is that you will always look better than you would have had you not had these procedures done at all. 

The aging of the face and the sagging of the skin does not progress and accelerate after you’ve had surgery; however, you will continue to age and gradually you’ll notice flattening of the mid-face/cheek area, deepening of the nasolabial folds, recurrence of the jowling and recurrence of the loose skin in the neck and lower position of the eyebrows which inspired you to consider a face and/or brow lift originally.  These effects occur gradually over time–usually 10-15 years–before you will be interested in considering further surgery. 

The ongoing aging of the face after surgery definitely does not occur in a “wierd” or “unnatural-appearing” way.

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Surgery for facial aging changes

Results from a brow and facelift vary, but the average effect lasts about 5-10 years. Keep in mind that by having surgery, it does not stops the aging process. It has not been my experience that patients age weird or strangely, they seem to age just fine.

George John Alexander, MD, FACS
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Recurrent sagging after facelift

There is no time limit for the effects or benefits from these surgeries.  The aging process does not stop with the surgery.  However you will look better in 10 years as compared to if you never had this surgery.  Generally speaking, if you had face lift in your fifties, you may need a secondary face lift in your sixties to keep you looking your best.

Paramjit S. Bajaj, M.D.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

MACS-type facelift is a good answer for a second facelift

A second facelift is a credible answer when the tissue begin to sag again. I have been performing rejuvenation surgery for almost 30 years and have been fortunate to perform many second facelifts on my own patients.

Many people are uncomfortable with a second surgery because they don't want to look distorted. The MACS facelift has a vertical direction of pull, instead of the the usual "up & back" pull of a traditional facelift, and is a good choice for second facelifts. It preserves the hair at the temples, and the vertical direction of pull tends to produce few distortions. I also find that laser skin resurfacing and fillers, such as Sculptra can extend the overall effect of rejuvenation from surgery.

Youthful aging is also supported with:

  • Good nutrition, exercise & supplements
  • Good skin care with sun protection

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