Weird Question About What I Did the Day Before Rhinoplasty?

Day before my rhinoplasty I took a shower then afterwards used aloae vera for some redness for around my eye brows. On day 2 of my rhinoplasty my eye was itching and i gently touched it and itched all of a sudden my eyes REALLY REALLY BURNED both of them and I only itched one eye. Now I have been using hand sanitizer and washing my hands a lot ever since surgery for some odd reason. And I wonder if it was from that most likely. Or was it the aloae vera suppose to be cleaned off?

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Day Before Rhinoplasty

It is highly unlikely that the residue of the aloe vera applied two days prior to your surgery is what caused the burning/itching sensation you described. In any case, you should try hard to refrain from manipulating your nose or surrounding features (including the eyes) by touching, rubbing, or itching as this may interfere with proper recovery. I would recommend that you contact your surgeon and discuss your symptoms with him/her as they are most familiar with your condition and can offer the best advice as to how to move forward. 

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Burning eyes after rhinoplasty

Aloe vera used before surgery had nothing to do with your eyes burning 2 days post-op after rhinoplasty. Any aloe vera would hae been scrubbed off your skin during the surgical prep after you were asleep or sedated. Aloe is definitely not the culprit.

But scratching your itching eyelid with hands that have been sanitized "a lot since surgery" explains what almost certainly occurred. Hand sanitizers contain almost pure alcohol, and even tiny trace amounts of alcohol in the eye can cause severe burning. Inadvertently touching the other eye (perhaps when wiping your tears from the first eye contact) likely caused this eye to get some alcohol in it as well.

Hand washing after surgery (and even sanitizer) is not all bad, but touching your face is not a good idea, at least for one reason you have already discovered. Even with sanitizers, you should NOT be touching your nose, sutures, or nasal splint. STOP FUSSING with your nose and stay away from your face in general while healing! Best wishes with the rest of your recovery! Dr. Tholen

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