Weird Nose Bump?

I have already broken my nose due to an indecent which happened a couple years prior, and am very sensitive about my nose. Earlier today, (about 30 mins ago) I accidentally hit the bridge straight on with a baseball bat. (Don't ask how) it did cause some considerable pain, but I assumed it was nothing too serious and I was surprised to feel an extra lump on my already broken bridge, like I had chipped it. I was wondering whether this was just swelling or whether I had done some more serious.

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Hard to say without an X-ray...

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Its hard to say for sure without an x-ray. Usually if you actually break the bone you will bleed at least a little from the inside of your nose. Could be swelling...unfortunately however, often some traumatic injuries to that part of the nose can leave a bit of a scar tissue/callus which may make the bump look worse until its fixed.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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