Could the weird mole on my scalp be serious?

I have a mole on the back of my head, between my hair. I've had it since I can remember and it has always been sensitive to touch. It doesn't really bother me, but some times it itches really bad and I have to be careful scratching it so I don't hurt it. Sometimes it even has bruises around it. The area of my scalp around it is also very dry and has dandruff. Could it be something serious? I mean, I've had it there for years and I am now 24.

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Weird mole on the scalp

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Itching, dry skin, and sensitivity are really not signs of moles becoming skin cancers. The changes due to cancer are mostly visual until it is far advanced. Please use the ABCDE's as your guide for when to be concerned about moles: A for Asymmetry; B for irregular Borders; C for black or uneven Colors; D for Diameter greater than a pencil eraser; and E for a growth that is Evolving or changing. However, even moles on the scalp that never see the sun can turn into skin cancer. If you are still concerned it is an extremely simple five minute procedure for a dermatologist to remove the mole using a "shave" biopsy which typically leaves a minimal scar. The mole can then be checked microscopically for reassurance.
You can follow the video link below to learn more about identifying the changes in moles that are suspicious for skin cancer.

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