What is this weird looking mass/stretch marks 6 weeks past Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post tummy tuck now and had lipo and muscles repair done. I found this today and I'm not sure what this is.. It feels thick underneath and it seems to push out those stretch marks?! It doesn't hurt though. Is this normal or should I go see my doctor? Thank you, Kristina

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Seroma maybe

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Im sorry to know about your problem.  After 6 weeks its highly improbable to have a collection but just in case please go back to your surgeon and he/she should be able to address this with ease.  Dont worry.  

India Plastic Surgeon

Mass. 6 weeks after tummy tuck could be seroma

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Please see her plastic surgeon for an examination and diagnosis.  The most common cause of unusual swelling 6 weeks after tummy tuck is seroma a collection of fluid.  There are other possibilities which can be entertained by your plastic surgeon.

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