Weird Complication After Surgery - Eyelid Feels "Strain" As if Moving Back into the Socket

All the swelling from my double eyelid surgery is gone, but i think a complication has arisen. It literally feels like whenever I move my eyelids up, it is moving all the way into the back of my eye. It has been like this since the swelling went away. It is causing intense strain above my eyelids, and even my eyebrow muscles are moving down, it feels like they are trying to prevent my eyelids from going any further into the socket. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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Eyelid strain after Asian blepharoplasty

Based on your description, it sounds like you are having significant scarring of the layers of the eyelid causing stiffness and perhaps even lid retraction. When an Asian blepharoplasty is performed, if too aggressive removal of fat is performed, this may be a consequence. Without seeing you condition, now, though, this is only an educated guess. If you are in Oakland, you are welcome for come to Monterey for an evaluation.

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