Weird bump that just formed on nose post-rhinoplasty. (photos)

Hi! So I had rhinoplasty almost 3 months ago and I am happy with the results but something weird happened tonight. Out of no where a bump formed on my nose that's hard on the left side of my nose. It was fine the whole day and 5 minutes later it just happened. It formed fast. And I'm unsure what to make of it? What could it be!

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Post rhinoplasty bump

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The sudden appearance of a 'bump' on the side of the nose 3 months after a rhinoplasty can be a deviation of the bone, a cyst formation, a fluid collection or an arterial aneurysm.
It needs to be examined by your doctor and then treated.

Dr. J

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Bump after rhinoplasty

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The swelling on the right side of your nose is unusual but unusual can occur.   This could be a cyst or it could be a strange event in the healing pattern.   I think it will be easy to resolve this.   Possibly simply a steroid injection.   At this point I do not know what it is.  You need to see your doc and see what he or she says.   My Best,  Dr C

Weird bump that just formed on nose post-rhinoplasty.

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Over the internet is the "last" place you should be asking this... Go see your surgeon ASAP!!! To difficult to guess what it is over the internet.. 

New bump on nose after rhinoplasty

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It sounds as though you have had an uneventful recovery after rhinoplasty and this bump has appeared suddenly. It is very hard to know what it is without a examination of the both the outside and inside of your nose. You should arrange to see your surgeon as soon as possible to be reevaluated. If you experience pain and redness associated with the bump, you may have an infection and would need to be seen immediately.

Bump Post Rhinoplasty #nosejob

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Yeah, that is out of the ordinary. I would go see your surgeon and have them evaluate you. If you had not had trauma it would be odd for that to occur and I have no idea what that could be. You could simply have a cyst beneath the skin or it could be something else.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Sudden bump

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Of course you need to see your surgeon as soon as possible.  While it is rare, sometimes lining from inside the nose can get trapped where bones are cut on the side of the nose, then subsequently fill with mucous fluid.  But an examination will be essential. 

John Frodel, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Bump On Nose After Rhinoplasty

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I would recommend you touch base with your rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss this issue. That is somewhat unusual to see such rapid development of a bump 3 months after rhinoplasty.

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Weird bump that just formed on nose post-rhinoplasty.

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Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.  You may have bumped yourself in the night, or did something that you are completely unaware of.  

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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