Is it possible to regenerate skin damaged by too much washing with a soap? (Photo)

The skin on my hands doesn't seem to be able to regenerate it self - it seems thinner and weaker, and it is also quite sensitive. After 3 months of moisturizing there is no significant improvement. Can you please tell me what is causing this condition, and is there some treatment available that can possibly reverse the damage or provide some aesthetic improvement.

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Use Of Fat Transfer To Rejuvenate The Hands

As we age, the subcutaneous layer of fat beneath the skin becomes thinner, and in the hand, this can result in increased visibility of the bones of the hands, particularly the metacarpals, extensor tendons and veins.  The increased prominence of these structures as we age is one reason some people say they will look at someone's hands first, if they want to determine her age.  

Fortunately, there is a very powerful rejuvenative technique to address this problem. It is called fat transfer.  It is performed by harvesting fat from another part of the body where there is an abundant supply, usually the abdomen, flank or thighs.  The harvested fat is then purified and concentrated, before being injected into the subcutaneous plane of the dorsum of the hand with very fine cannulae, in a precise fashion, providing a smooth, uniform blanket of fat beneath the skin that once again softens or completely conceals the outline of the aforementioned structures, thus hiding these common stigmata of aging. Additionally, it appears that over time, the presence of the transferred fat stimulates the ingrowth of blood vessels to the overlying skin, improving its overall health and quality.

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Hand Rejuvenation -- Use Radiesse and Belotero In Combination With Cannulas

Our hands lose volume and suppleness as we age. There are treatments for hand rejuvenation. I find that a combination of Radiesse and Belotero give amazing natural looking results.  Fat lasts longest if you want something permanent.  By injecting with cannulas, there is literally no downtime, bruising, or pain.  See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

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