Can Weightlifting Cause Movement Of 10 Year Old Implants?

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Weight lifting with breast implants

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It is very unlikely that you could move or shift your breast implant after 10 years as the breast implant capsule is firmly set. If your implants are under the muscle you might find that you have some shift as you flex the chest muscle, called an animation deformity, but this should not be harmful.

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Weight lifting and Breast Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, after 10 years, there should be a good capsule around the breast implant to prevent it from moving BUT to be on the safe side, you could limit the weight used for chest exercises you may want to do.

I have patients who have had breast augmentation surgery and then become body builders and go into competition without issues.  Each patient is different with how their body reacts to weight lifting.

Best wishes.

Can Weightlifting Cause Movement Of 10 Year Old Implants?

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Yes, especially if the implants are sub muscular, then weight lifting can still cause the implant to move during the activity.  Without straining the muscle, the implant should sit back in its well formed capsule and regular position.  If the implants are moving higher, you should be evaluated for possible capsular contracture.

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Can Weightlifting Cause Breast Implant Movement

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You didn't mention what type implants you have.At 10 years of age, the older implants are like to break. While you could move implants by aggressive motion, I would also wonder if you had disrupted your capsule or implant shell, especially if your implants were silicone. If you have silicone, the FDA recommends that you have an MRI every other year to evaluate silent implant          rupture. At 10 years of age, it is probably time to change out your implants.

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