Weight Shifting & Swelling from Lower Body Lift 9 Month Ago- Will It Balance Out?

I had a lower body lift surgery in March they were to of removed 6.5 pounds of skin.I wearing a size 6-8 before the surgery. Now im in a size 14-16.It appears to me all my weight has weight to my butt & hips. Also my hips feel hard to me. I use to also weight in the low 160's.Now I have a hard time keeping under 170. My diet and exercise is all the same thing. My surgeon kind of makes me feel dumb for asking and like I gained all this weight over night. can weight shift? is this all permeant?

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Results after Lower Body Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

There are many different “issues” that you bring up;  to complex  to handle appropriately with an online consultation. You may want to see your internist and undergo a medical workup to evaluate the weight gain situation,  since your diet and exercise regimen has not changed.

You should also follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  if you feel that he/she  remains condescending then a second opinion may be helpful.

Best wishes.

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