How Will Weight Loss Affect Appearance After Lipo and Abdominoplasty?

There are several questions in this forum regarding weight gain after body contouring surgery, but not many about weight LOSS. If one were to lose weight (through diet, exercise) after surgery, how would the loss be distributed? Would most weight changes occur in the untreated areas first? I've dieted to within 25 pounds of my goal weight. I'm planning liposuction on my stomach, hips, and lateral back (in conjunction with tummy tuck). If I lose more weight afterwards, where will it show?

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Weight loss after surgery

The real answer is to do all your weight loss before surgery and to be a s fit as possible in a healthy, stable lifestyle. I tell patients that all bets are off as to what your results will be if you gain or lose significant amounts of weights after surgery. Every patient has a different distribution of fat, different fat metabolism, and different areas of abnormality.

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Weight loss following a tummy tuck

Weight loss effects everbody differently and it is impossible to predict the fat loss distribution. However, 25 pounds is alto to lose and likely to effect the results of the tummy tuck.

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