I Am a Weight Loss Patient, Lost over 100(lbs) with Laproscopic LapBand. Is BBL a Good Procedure for Volume Replacement? (photo)

I lost a great deal of weight with the laproscopic lap-band- I am indeed healthier however my body is like 'a melted candle'. My skin is flaccid and loose. I am looking for more shape to my buttocks and I had a very large bottom prior to weigh loss. Can BBL or fat grafting help me achieve my pre-weight loss bottom? Wouldn't there still be room for a large bottom? Im worried-

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Brazilian butt lift following massive weight loss

Fat transfer to the buttocks is a good way to restore volume in the gluteal area following massive weight loss, if you have enough available donor sites in your abdomen, flanks or thighs.  If you have more loose skin than available fat, one option is a lower body lift, combined with using part of the back tissue folded up and placed into the gluteal area for gluteal augmentation.  The third option are gluteal implants.  Good luck and take care!

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Brazilian buttock lift shapes the buttocks through fat volume addition

Hello, Loss of buttock shape and projection is a common effect after massive weight loss. Laxity and shape can be corrected through an incisional buttock lift, through an incisional buttock lift and autologous augmentation such as the purse string gluteoplasty, or through fat grafting alone aka BBL. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages as well the ideal candidate. The specifics of each of these procedures can be found in the buttock shaping segment of my website listed below. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

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