Weight Loss Ideally Before or After a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am 19 years old, weigh 68kg (150 lb), am 5 ft 3 and currently a 34F. As I am overweight, I am eager to lose the excess weight by exercising etc (no crazy diets!). However I recently read that losing weight will make large breasts sag. Ideally I want to end up with a healthy body and a full 34C. Should I have a reduction before or after I lose all of my excess weight?

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Weight Loss Before or After Breast Reduction?

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For some women weight loss will make a difference in their breast size and for others it may not change much. Losing weight before breast reductions surgery gives the best long term results with a secondary surgery less likely but if you lose enough volume you may no longer qualify for insurance coverage if you are going that route. Losing weight after breast reduction surgery is usually easier by being able to exercise without heavy bouncing breasts. But if you lose 20 pounds or more it could make a significant change possibly requiring another surgery. Good luck!

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Weight Loss Ideally Before or After a Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and picture. Best to achieve your long-term stable weight prior to undergoing breast reduction surgery. Doing so will help minimize the risk of surgery and decrease chances that additional surgery will be necessary afterwards.

 Good luck as you work to achieve your goals; keep in mind that breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

Weight Loss before Breast Reduction

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-Thanks for sharing your photo.  It does appear that you would benefit tremendously from a breast reduction!

-It is always a good idea to be as close to your ideal body weight as possible prior to surgery.  This can help improve the final appearance of your breasts after surgery, and may also help with the speed of healing.

-Losing a massive amount of weight may make one's breasts "sag."   However, you don't need to lose 100 pounds to be at your ideal weight.  Also, the "sagging" will be corrected with a breast reduction which also lifts the breasts in the process, and thereby corrects "sagging."  Conversely, if you were too lose a lot of weight after a breast reduction, you may find that your breasts might "sag" as well.

-Thanks for your question and best of luck to you!

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