Can weight loss help me improve the look of my breast?

I'm a petite size girl, but I'm not the slimmest, i am a little overweight.I have naturally large breast, they aren't perky , just really heavy and unattractive, i really hate my size , i was a c-cup by middle school and im a senior in college now a 36ddd cup size.I have chronic back pain that's been with me for ages. In the future i would Like to have a reduction, but i am wondering with weightloss alone will my back condition improve, will my breast size reduce and improve it's appearance?

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Effects of weight on breast size will vary among women

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Hi there-

The degree to which your breasts will increase or decrease in volume with changes in your weight will depend on the composition of the tissues of the breast. Generally, younger women like yourself will see less of a change with weight changes than older women will, but this also varies between individuals.

Your best bet is to lose the weight you can comfortably and continue to manage as best you can until a well-done breast reduction is available to you.

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