Weight Loss Effect on Breast Lift/reduction?

I am currently 6 weeks post op for a breast lift and slight reduction.I am learning to be happy with my results, however my husband and I are planning a weight loss regimine beginning next week and I expect to lose at least 20 lbs. My question is this, If I lose approximately 20 lbs. will my breast size shrink as well? I really don't want them to be any smaller just more "perky" and lifted. I am 5'8" tall and my weight is 190 lbs. Thanks

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Breast change with weight loss

Yes, with weight loss your breasts more than likely will shrink a bit and may even sag a bit.  Good luck.

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Weight loss

I have found in general a 10 percent weight increase or decrease does not significantly impact results 

Michael Hueneke, MD
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Weight Loss After Mastopexy/Breast Reduction

It is difficult to determine the amount your breasts will "shrink"; however, you should expect some volume loss.  


When your weight has fluctuated in the past, how have your breasts changed?  If your breasts haven't changed much with previous weight fluctuations, then it would be reasonable to expect that they wouldn't shrink too much with 20lbs of weight loss.  I think it would be very unlikely to expect your breasts to become more perky with weight loss.


Nonetheless, the health benefits of weight loss are quite significant, and you seem to be on-track to a healthier lifestyle.  Congratulations!  If you do lose some breast volume, you can always have a touch-up to your mastopexy (potentially under local anaesthesia) to deal with any skin excess.


Good luck to you and your husband!



Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Weight Loss after Breast Reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction/lifting operation. Unfortunately, there is no way to  accurately predict exactly how your breasts will change with 20 pound weight loss. Generally speaking, breasts may become smaller or “sag” to a small degree with this amount of weight loss. This is a situation where only time will tell.

In my opinion, regardless of how the breasts may change with weight loss, reaching a long-term stable/healthy weight is in your best interests. Worse case scenario, a minor breast revision operation may be necessary.

Best wishes as you reach your goals.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Weight Loss Effect on Breast Lift/reduction

This is not easy to predict in an individual patient. The breast contains both breast tissue (parenchyma) and fat tissue (adipose) in varying amounts. The breast tissue won't change with that amount of weight loss, the fat can, but not necessarily in a way than can be foretold. 

A younger women's breast has a higher percentage of breast tissue over with fat tissue when compared with a more mature patient. 

Different individuals have different patterns of fat deposition with changes in weight. One decent predictor--if the last time you weighed 170 your breasts were considerably smaller than they were before your recent surgery, you would be more likely to notice a change. Losing weight will not make your breasts any perkier, but will improve your overall health.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Effect of weight loss on pexy/reduction result

If you lose 20 pounds, your breasts will probably become smaller and, consequently, may sag or appear flatter. Some patients have very limited consequences upon weight loss and for others, the change in appearance of the breasts is more significant. A slow, measured weight loss program is likely to have a less dramatic effect over time than a crash diet. Best of luck.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Perky after weight loss

I wouldn't stop trying to lose weight just to keep your same breast size.  You will more than likely have some change in size, and could very well have some sag afterwards.  You are only six weeks out, and the swelling and settling have not resolved yet from your surgery.  Sometimes a revision can be done in the office to improve the shape , but I wold wait until you have reached your weight goals before pursuing surgical correction.

Robert Kratschmer, MD
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Breast reduction/lift and weight loss

A photo would be nice here to be really accurate in our statements, but in general 20+ pounds of weight loss may possibly make the breasts smaller and more loose and lax as body fat disappears.  One thing weight loss will not do, however, is make you "more perky and lifted."

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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