Too Much Weight Loss and my Body Keeps Losing - Why?

I am a 37 y/o female. I weigh 147lbs at 5'11. I am almost 14 months post-op gastric bypass (lost 185 lbs) My surgeon told me I would lose 149 by the year mark. But now it is getting very depressing because I cant stop losing. Up until 3 months ago...I was the poster child. I ate and followed all the rules on a healthy lifestyle...once my year mark came;I got really skinny and my face started looking unhealthy. All my lab tests normal. Why can't I stop, maintain, or put 15 lbs on?

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Too much weight loss after gastric bypass

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It is very rare to loose too much weight after gastric bypass surgery.  There are many factors that need to be looked into by your bariatric surgeon and you should definitely see him or her and possibly receive a second opinion.  It could be related to amount of intestine bypassed or a stricture or ulcer.  I recommend seeing your doctor to discuss this issue right away.

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