What Would Weight Loss After Brazilian Butt Lift Do To My Results?

I'm having a BBL in about a month . Ive been trying lose weight but its been hard.I want to lose 40 lbs I'm currently 171 lbs 5'3". My Dr says he can put 1000 ccs into each cheek. If I lose 40lbs after the procedure how much ccs will I have left ?

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Weight loss Brazilian Butt Lift

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Several weeks after the Brazilian Butt Lift, it acts like fat does in the rest of the body, so if you gain weight it can get bigger but if you lose weight it can get smaller.  If you have it done and lose weight it will get smaller but you will retain more volume than if you never had the procedure done.
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Dr Michael Gartner

Weight loss after Brazilian buttock lift

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If you lose weight,you will lose it uniformly all over your body, not just in your buttock. I would lose the weight gradually and don't exercise too strenuously for about 6-8 weeks right after your surgery. Best wishes, Dr.Bruno


Brazilain Butt Lift

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It is  absolutely necessary to have an overweight for BB no more than 12 pounds in excess and no less than 10 pounds  in order  to get  better butt shape

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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What Would Weight Loss After Brazilian Butt Lift Do To My Results?

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As you lose weight your buttocks will shrink proportionately. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Weight loss after BBL

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Your question is a good one.  I tell my patients that if they lose weight after a BBL, of course there is a chance that their buttocks will shrink.  It is apparent that however the buttock fat responds to weight gains or losses before surgery, the transferred fat will respond the same way.  In other words, the fat that is transferred to the buttocks assumes the same characteristics as the native buttock fat.  It has been scientifically proven that fat transferred to the buttocks develops the same receptors on its cell surface that the native buttock fat has.  So, if your butt loses volume when you lose weight, it will also lose volume when you lose weight after a BBL.  The difference is that you will have more fat cells in your buttocks after a BBL, so the volume change might not be as visible.  Good luck!

Lose Weight Before BBL surgery, Not After

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If you lose weight after getting the Brazilian Butt Lift, chances are good that your butt will shrink.  Your butt is made mostly of fat, and the BBL adds more fat to it.  When you gain weight, your fat cells get bigger.  When you lose weight, your fat cells get smaller.  So, imagine thousands or millions of fat cells in your buttocks each shrinking because you are losing weight. 
That is why I always recommend to my patients.... if  you intend to lose weight, do it before surgery.  But only do this if you are significantly overweight and will have plenty of excess fat still remaining that can be transferred to your buttocks. 
There is no way to know how many cc's of fat you will have left after the weight loss.  I would recommend that you keep in close contact with your surgeon as you lose the weight so he/she can tell you when you are at a good weight for this procedure.

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