Will Weight Loss Affect My Breast Augmentation?

I Had a BA 3 Weeks ago I'm 5'9 & weigh 154lbs I had 385g rectro-pectorial I went 34B to 34DD, When i loose weight it comes of my Breasts I am wanting to get to down to 135.8 lbs, (pre op i put on weight) how will loosing weight affect my impants? Will they shrink or will they remain the same size which is what i am wanting. Adding to this once i have got down to 135.8lbs i will then begin training with weights, will building muscle alter the implants effect them in any way ie Increase in size?

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Weight Loss and Breast Augmentation

You are looking to loose about 18 pounds - if you usually loose weight in your breasts, then you will do that now also, unfortunately.  That is not a major weight loss (like 50 lbs) so I don't think others will notice - but of course, you will.... Training with weights will not alter the implants once you are completely healed.  There are many body builders with subpectoral implants who look great.  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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Weight loss can affect the size of your breasts

The physiology of your breasts will not change after the placement of breast implants. So, if you had a tendency to lose volume in your breasts with weight loss before surgery, this tendency will not change after surgery. Building up muscles over the implants may add some extra volume. But, generally extra muscle mass is not significantly noticeable. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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Weight Loss after Breast Augmentation?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for online consultants to, with any degree of certainty, predict exactly how your breasts will change  with weight loss. Given that you are planning on approximately  20 pound weight loss,  it is very likely that the breasts will decrease in size and/or that you will experience some degree of "drooping".  Much will depend on factors such as your age, skin elasticity, genetic factors...  if you have experience similar weight gain/loss in the past,  this past experience may be a good indication as to what to expect.

 Best wishes.

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Will Weight Loss Affect My Breast Augmentation?

If in the past when you lost weight you would lose breast volume, there is no reason to suspect otherwise now that you have implants.The implants, of course, won't change size, just your own breast tissue. The amount of breast volume you gained from 136 to 154 pounds will probably be the amount of volume you will lose as you return to the lower weight. 

Building muscle will usually not have a significant effect on apparent breast size. 

Best to discuss these items with your surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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