Do I Need To Gain Weight In Order To Have A Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am 5'6'' and weight 133 lbs.Do I need to gain weight to be eligible for a BBL?If so,how much should I gain in order to have a good result?Thank you

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Brazilian butt lift and preop weight gain

In my opinion it's never appropriate to gain weight in order to do Brazilian butt lift. The reason why I do not think this is appropriate is because the majority of fat cells in your body do not replicate. When you gain weight each cell gets larger and when you lose weight each cell gets smaller. You do not make more cells when you gain weight.

When you doing the fat transfer you'll be transferring the same number of cells they'll just be a little bit bigger. But after surgery when you return to your normal weight you transferred cells were returned to their normal size and they will look the same as they would if you did not gain weight prior to surgery.

Remember the Brazilian butt lift and liposuction is not a weight changing procedure it's a shape changing procedure. This is a reason why gaining weight does not help improve your results.

I will always tell my patients to exercise and to eat for the surgery the way they plan to exercise and eat after the surgery this way they have a stable weight and a stable result that looks really good.

This thin patients can have good results with the Brazilian butt lift. When you narrow the waist and add shape to the buttocks you produce curves and curves are the key to figure. He don't have to be heavy to have good results with the Brazilian butt lift. If you look at my profile are my website you'll see some patients who are not having that had the curves enhanced with the liposuction fat injection.

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Weight gain before brazilian buttock lift

This question can not be adequately answered without seeing photos or examining you in person. You may not have enough fat to have an adequate result from the surgery. A board certified plastic surgeon will be able to guide you as to how much weight you will need to gain before surgery.

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Brazilian butt lift and weight

Not everybody is a candidate for fat transfer to the buttocks and certainly there are limitations if there is not enough fat to harvest and inject. Now, if you do not have enough fat, there are a few options.

1. Butt implants
2. Butt implants and fat transfer
3. Gain weight before surgery

Butt implants will increase your butt projection and the size of your butt. Although not the best option, if done properly, the results will be reasonable. You can also combine butt implants with fat transfer to improve the results. A butt implant will only increase the projection of your buttocks but will not improve the sides of your butt. This is of paramount importance in those cases where the hip to butt ratio needs to be addressed to create harmony. The fat can be harvested in the same setting and injected in the hips and sides to create and achieve better results.

Finally, you can gain weight. Go to your favorite fast food restaurant every day until you gain 20lbs. All this fat that you gain will be removed the day of the surgery and injected into the buttocks.

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Brazilian Buttock lift

Pictures will hep.............................................................................................

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