Weight Gain at 3 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck?

I am three weeks post tummy tuck and I weigh aroundv5 pounds more than I did before the surgery. Can this really be from swelling? What can I do? I don't feel like I'm eating more, probably less. I don't want to damage results if I'm gaining! If it is from swelling when will my weight normalize?

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Weight gain after tummy tuck

There can be swelling after tummy tuck, but after three weeks the problem of weight gain is more often related to inactivity. Start back with walking, hold back on carbs, and look for a trainer to develop a new plan for the new you.

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Weight gain 3 weeks post tummy tuck

It sounds like your weight gain is due to normal swelling/fluid retention from surgery.  I have seen some patients gaining 10-20lbs after surgery from swelling.  However, after 2-3 weeks postop, you should be begining to lose the weight.  Try to minimize salty flood intake.  By gaining 5 lbs postop, I don't think you will "damage" your result.  Continue to wear your compression garment and follow your plastic surgeon's postoperative instruction.

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