How Much Weight Can You Gain Post Ba?

I fell like i've gained a ridiculous amount of weight post op! i worked out all the way up to my surgery im 5'9 and 153lbs the day before surgery and im now 167lbs 8 days post op! i coudnt eat much for the first few days and im now eating veggie soups i froze before surgery, my diets not been 100% i had a scone for breakfast the past two days and an ice cream in the evening but i feel like its still an awful lot to gain!! my implants are 520 cc

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How Much Weight Can You Gain Post Ba?

The implants will account for about 2.5 pounds. Some patients retain a fair amount of fluid for a time after surgery. Some women leave the hospital a day after childbirth weighing more that when they arrived despite delivering an 8 pound baby and and 8 pound placenta. 

Patience. Eat normally and healthfully, expect to weigh 155 soon. All the best. 

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