Will Weight Gain, Braces Removal and a Chin Implant Make my Lips Seem Smaller?

I have a receded chin and intend on getting an implant for that. I also intend to gain some weight as I'm only 160lbs at 6'3. will weight gain: which = bigger cheeks make my lips less prominent?

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Chin implants and changes in your lips

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thank you for the question

in general I would say that the actual size of your lips would not change though proportionally they may appear a bit smaller if you did gain a significant amount of weight and your face became larger and you had a chin implant.probably the most common issue with lips after a chin implant would be a deep sulcus or valley between the lower lip and the new chin implant. I think that tends to happen when the chin implant that was selected is either too large, projects anteriorly to far, or is placed to superiorly toward lip itself.

So to answer your question, no your lips would not be smaller, but they may appear smaller by comparison.

Photos would be helpful

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