How Much Weight Do You Think I Should Gain to Do BBL?

Hi. I'm 23 years old, 5'3 tall, and 110 pounds. My body size 34C-25-37. However I want to get BBL done to make my butt a size 42. How much weight should I gain to be able to have enought fat to transfer? Thank you in advance.

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Ideal weight for a BBL

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Tough number.  It's not necessarily the exact number that you weigh (although it is if you're too light, which you are), it's more where you're keeping it.  I've had some patients come in and tell me they weigh so much, it's simply not in the right areas.  What you need is pockets of fat for harvesting.  Typically the flanks (waist), abdomen, thighs and back are sufficient but if you're not seeing that and continue to gain weight, you may notice the weight elsewhere.  For the most part, I check that little fat pad in between those dimples on your upper middle buttock.  Some have them, some don't.  If you have those dimples and about 5cm of fat pocket in between the skin and the sacrum (butt bone at the base of the spine), then you're a great candidate.  If you don't have that, then I'll be needing to look around all over the place for fat to graft.  Not the case with everyone but def an observation I've made after having done several of these over the past couple of years.


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Brazilian butt lift and preop waiting

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Do not gain weight for this procedure it does not work. Fat cells do not replicate. You are born with a certain number of fat cells and you keep the same number of fat cells throughout life. If you gain weight you still transfer the same number of fat cells you would have if you didn't gain weight only that each cell will be bigger. And when you lose weight and return to your normal way the size of the buttocks will decrease back to the same size it would have been if you didn't gain weight before the surgery. Remember that gaining weight is not healthy and it will damage your skin. Your skin will not be as tight as it would've been and you also will have stretch marks that are permanent and will not go away. Gaining weight is not the answer.

I have done the liposuction fat injection on thin patients like you before and it had great results you create curves with this procedure. The liposuction plays a very significant role in making the buttocks look better. If you create a narrow waist your buttocks will look better. The other thing to consider is that a small person needs less fat than a large person to make the same change. Just like a small person with a breast augmentation will need a smaller implant to get to the same cup size then a larger person.

The other thing to consider is that liposuction is a rob Peter to pay Paul phenomenon. Meaning that liposuction is not a weight changing procedure. When you take away fat from the abdomen flanking back when calories come to the body that would've gotten stored there they will have to get stored someplace else in most patients this is a buttocks. So in reality after a liposuction or a tummy tuck the buttocks will get bigger by itself without the fat injection.

Wendell Perry, MD
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