How Much Weight Difference Will I Have After TT?, I Am 5'5" and 155lbs.

how much difference will I see after tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks? Could it be around 5 lbs?

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Tummy tuck and weight loss

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Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery, nor is liposuction.  You will probably lose some weight since some tissue and fat are removed, but it is more about shaping and contouring the abdomen.  I think your suggestion of 5 pounds is not unrealistic.

Katy Plastic Surgeon

Difficult to say

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It depends how large the lower abdomen.  It may easily be 3 to5 pounds. You will look much slimmer especially if you have liposuction of the flanks or waist.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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How much weight will you lose with a tummy tuck?

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You will lose some weight with a tummy tuck but we like to tell patients that a tummy tuck is not really about weight's more about reshaping the tummy.

In a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, three things are done by the surgeon. First the abdominal muscles are repaired if they have come apart from childbirth or surgery. Secondly excess fat is liposuctioned. Finally excess is skin is removed and the remaining skin is pulled down to make the skin tight and firm.

While the removal of excess skin and fat does result in some weight loss, the most significant improvement is a result of the profound improvement in abdominal shape. Thats why patients love tummy tuck surgery. 

Weight loss after tummy surgery

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Despite the relatively large amount of skin and fat that are removed with a typical tummy tuck, the weight is rarely more than 3 lbs.  Even with liposuction, not much more should be lost.  Nonetheless, the difference in shape should make this procedure worthwhile.

Michael Leff, MD (retired)
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

How much weight loss associated with a tummy tuck?

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As some of the other physicians have indicated, the actual wt loss will not be as much as might be expected.  Given your height and weight, unless you have lost a very large amount of weight and have a large hanging panniculus as a result, I would not expect you to lose 5 pounds, which would be over 2000 grams. In fact, due to the stress response after surgery with salt and water retention, if you get on the scale the day after surgery, you will weigh heavier than before.  Now, you may LOOK like you have lost a lot of weight, but the actual amount may surprise you.  The liposuction will contribute some, but since fat is not very dense, again it may only be  1 or 2 pounds.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Weight difference after tummy tuck

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Thanks for your question -

In our San Francisco area practice we perform this operation frequently.  A tummy tuck is designed to reduce excess skin, adiposity and tighten your abdominal wall muscles to improve your contour.

Fat and skin itself is relatively light weight and the weight of tissue removed is typically only a few pounds.

The real difference is the shape improvement the surgery can make.

I hope this helps!

Weight loss after a tummy tuck and liposuction

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On average, patients will lose a few pounds after a standard tummy  tuck.  The liposuction depends upon the volume removed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss after abdominoplasty

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You are not likely to lose more than a few pounds with abdominoplasty.   If you have excessive skin all the way around it might make a small difference. Just think, fat floats, so it weighs less than water. 

Weight loss expected after a TT.

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Most patients will lose about 2 to 5 lbs after a TT.  Even patients with a very large pannus don't lose much more than 10 lbs.  Weight loss should not be your goal with a TT, but you should be sure your weight is near normal before the TT and improving your body contour should be what you should expect.  Good luck.

The weight loss from removal of fat and skin from a tummy tuck is usually not as much as expected.

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The skin and fat removed from an abdominoplasty is usually 2 pounds or so.  Bigger patients may have bigger amounts but seldom is 10 pounds removed even in patients with massive excesses of skin and fat in the abdominal drape.

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