1 Month After Upper Eyelid Surgery it is Difficult to Look Up Very Far, What Can be Done?

Its so tight I cannot look up very far. I noticed there is a large swelling on the underside of my inner lid the part closest to my nose. I lifted the lid up alittle and can see it. It is tender and feels sore. It is not a chalazion. The Oculoplastic Surgeon that Dr Armani suggested gave me a appt but that is next week It feels like my eye is tied up. It is very uncomfortable and looks like that eyelid is drooping but not the entire lid. Just the inner part of the lid. What could this be?

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Wait another week.

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I'm not sure if I'm the "Dr. Armani"  [patients often make that mistake, and unfortunately, that's not my name], but let me re-assure you that waiting another week to see the Oculoplastics surgeon will not make a difference in your situation.

At this point, the longer you wait, the better the "tightness" will be.

Best of luck


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It is appropriate to see the oculoplastic surgeon.

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If you are tight but do not have double vision, it is likely that things will soften over time.  The presence of double vision is another matter.  The oculoplastic surgeon will assess you in detail and develop a plan to improve your comfort.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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