Hypertrophic Scar After Tummy Tuck

It's only been two weeks since my tummy tuck. I know i'm early in this, but I can see a Hypertrophic scar will be forming. It appears as though there are stitches under incision causing a bulking (raising) over a full inch of flesh. The rest of the incision looks fine and smooth even-- though fresh. This is also the area where he placed my drains. The incision edges and not my pubic area!

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Beginning of a Hypertrophic scar

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A photograph would have been very useful. You really should ask your surgeon on his advice on how to best modulate the scar hypertrophy. Methods such as increasing your intake of Vitamin E and applying Vitamin E , mederma and silicone dressings to the area may flatten the scar. More aggressive modalities such as injecting the scar with corticosteroids should probably wait for a few more weeks. But this needs to be your doctor's call.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Raised, Thickened Tummy Tuck Scars

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It is possible to begin forming a  thickened scar as early as several weeks after surgery,  You may or may not be developing a true hypertrophic scar. You also could be having a reaction to the internal dissolving stitches.

Things like topical silicone gel sheeting may be helpful, but your doctor needs to see your scar and determine te exact reasons for it appearing the way it does.

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