2 Weeks out - is This the Extent of my Shrinkage?

I had smart lipo on my saddlebags 16 days ago. While I measure 3/4 inch less in this area than I did before I had the procedure, can you tell me whether I will continue to shrink or is this the extent of my size loss? My surgeon said that the size I am at 2 weeks is pretty much my final result.

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Swelling at Two Weeks

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I typically tell my patients that they will start seeing results 4-6 weeks post surgery. After two weeks, you are likely still swollen. You can also start massaging the areas treated to help any residual swelling. Small circular motions to start and massage deeper if it you don't have any discomfort.

Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon
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Shrinkage following SmartLipo

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I generally see my patients two weeks post-SmartLipo and then monthly for 6 months.  I have found that measurements seem to plateau at about three months, although there are continuing changes in the surgical site for about six months as the treated area softens.  Lymphatic drainage and myofascial treatments from our massage therapist seem to speed up the process.

Elysa Fisher, MD
Wilmette Plastic Surgeon
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