5 weeks PO doc had to manipulate my nose, now bump looks bigger! Could pushing around on it have caused the bump to get bigger?

5 wks. after septoplasty with osteotomy and a small bump shaved down, I had a reaction to the stitches on both sides inside the nostril & infection. My ENT had to dig the stitches out in one side, and he applied pressure and manipulated the upper part of my nose while doing so. There was already a small visible bump and groove up there that I was unhappy about, but now that bump seems even bigger! I am so dissappointed with how it looks! Could his pushing around on it have caused the bump to get bigger?

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5 weeks post op septoplasty and osteotomy

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Hi Tammym,

At this point, you are still at the "ugly period" following nose surgery, and this period usually last for about 2 months. Pushing or massaging the area should not cause the bump that you feel looks bigger after your follow up visit.
Please be patient and wait for 4-5 more months before considering a touch-up procedure.

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