I'm seven weeks post op and it's hurting where I had my muscle repaired, sharp pains come and go. Is this normal?

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Healing, Recovery & What to Expect Following Tummy Tuck Surgery

Pain in the muscle repair (plication) is very common at your
stage of healing. Early on after surgery, the incision sites cause the most
discomfort and overshadow the pain from the muscles. Also, early on the muscles
are swollen and don’t respond to stretching and moving. At the stage you are at
in healing that incisional pain has subsided and the swelling is starting to
come out of the muscles and they start to respond more to stimuli. Their
natural reaction is to spasm which causes the sudden sharp pains and the
tightening up intermittently (which is extremely annoying). As you get further
out from surgery the swelling of the muscles will continue to go down and the
muscles will start to respond more normally. The spasms will not hurt the
repair even though they feel awful! I would just recommend advancing your activity
very slowly – especially when it comes to abs – to minimize the discomfort you
have to go through and realize it will get better!

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Pain from plication after Tummy tuck

What you are describing is likely nothing to be alarmed about.  I would make sure to have follow up with your surgeon to properly assess you.  Intermittent pains after a tummy tuck are common.  Good Luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

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I'm seven weeks post op and it's hurting where I had my muscle repaired, sharp pains come and go. Is this normal?

Without the benefit of a physical exam it's impossible to say what is going on. Suffice it to say that what you are describing is absolutely within he realm of possibilities.

I will always tell my patients that they will often feel thses intermittent sharp pains for 1-1.5 years after the TT. IT is all part of healing . Relax and make sure you share with your surgeon. Good luck

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