I Am 5 Weeks Post Vaser and Have Lots of Swelling in my Lower Abs - 650cc Removed. Normal?

I wore the garment for nearly 4 weeks 24/7 and it started to leave marks on the side of my body so the nurse said i did not need to wear it anymore. I now have a swollen lump on my lower abs - I have had 3 MLD massages and go away in 6 weeks i am very worried as i also have brusing and lumps on my abs - will this go? should i start wearing the garment again? I am all for being patient but if it looks like it dos now i will sertainly not be wearing a bikini!

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Usually after Vaser liposuction or any Liposuction we tell our patients to wear a second stage garment to further improve your body contour. If you have accumulated fluid it’s called Seroma which our body makes and it can and will absorb on its own. When wearing a compression garments it help compress your skin so no room to let seroma to build up.


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