Im Almost 8 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck/ Lipo on the Love Handles. Feeling Pain?

Started feeling pain on the hip close to incision of surgery. Never felt that before. Feels almost Like muscle pain. Is this normal was something done during surgery thay could have caused this. Im also concerned with a little lump above belly. If im laying flat u cant see or feel it but i can feel and see it once i stand up?

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Pain and a lump after tummy tuck/lipo.

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Pains come and go following tummy tuck surgery and these are normal. Persistent pain should be addressed, particularly any hip pain that radiates down the front of the leg. As for lumps around the belly button, these are common and usually flatten out over time. Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is advised.

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Pain post tummy

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Sounds like this is okay.The lump may just be a collection of fluid and will go down in time.I would recommend heat and massage.follow up with your doctor.

Pain at hip after tummy tuck

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At eight weeks post surgery, the nerve endings may be coming "back to life" after the swelling subsides.  But, I would state that without an exam it is difficult to suggest what is causing your pain. You should see your doctor.


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Without seeing and examining you we cannot give adequate advice. You should see your Ps to see what he things can be going on.



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