I'm 5 Weeks Post Tt at 4 Wk Post Op I Started Putting the Tip of Qtip in Bb and Today I Noticed Blood? (photo)

I cut the tip of a Qtip and used that since smallest marble did not fit. I started using this at 4 weeks post op, and the first day of using there was a speck of blood barely a dot,and the following days no blood all looked fine; however, this morning as I was going to shower, I removed Qtip, but first it was a little stuck in there with dry blood. I took it out and Qtip has more blood, but no blood is oozing out, so should i be concerned? I have started exercise treadmil & cycle at gym.

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I'm 5 Weeks Post Tt at 4 Wk Post Op I Started Putting the Tip of Qtip in Bb and Today I Noticed Bloo

Best to be seen by your operative surgeon for an examination of the bb. Most likely nothing but you should be seen 

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Slow Betty Button Healing

From your description and photos, I would not be too concerned but certainly show it to your surgeon.  It is not unusual for part of the belly button skin to slough after a tummy tuck.  I will eventually heal.  The q-tips you are using can get stuck to the raw surface and then cause bleeding when removed.

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Small amount of blood at belly button after tummy tuck

A small amount of blood at the belly button following tummy tuck is likely due to an area in your belly button that is taking longer to heal than the other areas.  The bleeding will likely continue as long as you are packing with a q-tip, as the cotton will stick to the raw surface and then pull the scab off every time you change it.  I would discuss other  dressing options including potentially not packing the belly button for a time with my plastic surgeon if I were you.

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Today I Noticed Blood?

I don't find this alarming, but I would run this by your surgeon. It is likely that there is a suture that hasn't yet dissolved that needs to be removed. Unfortunately this is hard to photograph well, and I can't tell too much from these pictures.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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