5 weeks post TT. What is the bump on the upper part of my torso?

The bump protrudes on the left side under my breast. I've worn my compression garments consistently 23.5 hours per day. It is not fluid as extraction was attempted- what is this??? Will it go away? May I require lipo? Seems odd since my stomach is so flat and tight. I'm 5' about 125 lbs. I've been eating clean since the day of my surgery. please provide guidance.

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Bump on torso after TT

Please post photos as without them, we are just conjecturing.  Swelling goes down in strange ways and it is possible that your upper abdomen in that area hasn't healed evenly yet as compared with other parts of the adomen.  Perhaps you had liposuction or the dissection was more complex there.  Continue to followup with your plastic surgeon.

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5 weeks post TT. What is the bump on the upper part of my torso?

Without photos it is not possible to offer an explanation.  It takes weeks to months to completely heal from Tummy Tuck surgery.  My recommendation is to contact your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible for an exam to verify you are healing normal.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Bump under breast after liposuction

  • It is difficult to be sure without a photo and an exam
  • If you had liposuction in this area, it may be scar which will subside. 
  • It may be swelling around the muscle sutures, if it is on the abdomen, not the chest.
  • This also is likely to subside with time. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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