7 weeks post TT I feel lumps on my incision plus a little on around my BB?

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Lumps around incision and belly button

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These lumps are likely small stitches and their knows which are dissolving on their own. If they were larger I would consider potential areas of fat necrosis. Neither of these processes are dangerous.


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These may be areas of fibrosis/scar tissue which form around stitches which were placed just beneath the skin. If so, these will go away over a 6 month period. It doesn't sound like anything to be worried about, although never hesitate to ask your surgeon about these types of questions.

7 weeks post tummy tuck I feel lumps?

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7 weeks post op is too early to tell what your final result will be as there is still swelling at this point. It takes 3-6 months for the swelling to subside. It's difficult to be patient, but wait the 6 months before you start making looking critically at your results. Hope this is helpful.

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7 Weeks Post Op Lumps after Tummy Tuck?

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There is still some inflammation after 7 weeks. You have to remember that your body is still in its healing process and your final results are not shown yet. It is best to wait to your 3 month post op to determine if it is something serious or not. Hope this can help.

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