8 Weeks Post TT and Still Swelling?

I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction 8 weeks ago and still have some swelling, especially around the incision. I do have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon soon, but wanted to ask the question in this forum as well. What I really want to do know is how much swelling can be attributed to what the scale tells me. I'm still following Weight Watchers without cheating but the scale isn't budging. Could it be the swelling??

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Post-Op Swelling 8 Weeks Later

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Step away from the scale. I understand the natural inclination after surgery to want to get on the scale but it won't be accurate for some time. Everyone heals differently and that includes swelling. I do recommend getting some lymphatic drainage sessions and possibly Endermologie to aide in the reduction of swelling. Don't be alarmed at this point and keep up the good work on the diet!

Tummy tuck with swelling

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  It is very common to have post operative swelling for many months especially in the redraped tissue.  It is usually least in the morning and it gets greater at nightime.  This is because of the blood vessels taking months to regrow from the muscle to the redraped tissue and vice versa.  As the vessels reattach, then there is less of the yo-yo effect with the swelling.

  You might also have some thickness of the redraped tissue over the incision.  Ask your plastic surgeon how this will be managed at this time and in the future.  Sometimes, touch-ups can be done in the office to help in any areas of concern.

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